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"Integrating Mobile Solutions for your Business"


Eviscom is an integration R&D software development company dedicated to the creation of unique business communication software that leverages existing technologies and exploits their potential by creating added value.

Cue247 is an online Streaming service that has multiple applications like "online TV" "live event broadcasting" (with the bonus of video on demand after the event) Online Training and live conferencing capability.
Web design, content management, online Streaming, Video on Demand and online backup. Login to see some sample customer sites.


  Over the last 10 years Evisom has developed a number of products

Mobilewatch is a single home control and security product that allows you control a range of security devices over the Web or MobilePhone.


Mobile VPN Test

MVPN Test Tool provides a pre-emptive fault ticket for any MVPN network user or group. This allows the service provider to troubleshoot in advance of notification from the end user.


Electronic Document Conversion Centre

This product converts any form of hardcopy documentation into electronic media for replication storage or presentation to a Mobile Device.


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